Feeding the hungry during COVID-19 lockdown

WHO has declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic for which no vaccine or treatment exist. Precaution by way of social distancing is the only way of falling victim to it. To prevent the highly infectious COVID-19 from spreading its tentacles, the Government of India has ordered a complete lockdown of the country for 21 days


Launching Skill Development Centre

Pardarshita is set to launch a Mobile Repair Training Centre at ‘Place of Safety’ where convicted and under-enquiry children in conflict with the law are placed for reformation and rehabilitation. This program has been initiated with the support of Apar India Foundation. It is an important step for reintegration of children back into society so


Workshop on Social Media Usage

Pardarshita is organising a workshop for the community youth on the usage of social media in association with Lallantop News. The focus will be on how to differentiate between fake news and fact based news. Also, it will help the youth to learn various aspects of social media news and group messages. Date: 09 March



Working directly with 20 government and MCD schools in North East district, Delhi to ensure provisions of Right to Education (RTE) are implemented. Helping community/parents to enrol children in school and regular follow-upsto ensure their retention by involving community volunteers. Children’s Library and Remedial Education Centre to provide space and the opportunity to children to